Ice Cream

Delicious Homemade Ice Cream at Froth ( April – September only)

Add a little “yay” to your day with a delicious homemade ice cream from Froth.  Our ice cream is made from a traditional receipe using only the freshest quality local ingredients.  We have many mouth watering flavours to choose from. 

Now serving cones, tubs, screwballs, milkshakes and ice cream desserts.

Don’t forget to add your favourite topping!

Milky Bar     Chocolate     Coffee     Pineapple    

Vanilla     Honeycomb     Bubblegum   Mint Aero

Creme Egg     Raspberry Ruffle     Strawberry Cheesecake

Hanah Montana    Raspberry Ripple     Chocolate Fudge

Ferrero Rocher     Toffee Crisp     Cookies and Cream

Strawberry     Maltesers    Banana  Bounty